Sec. 1 - Dues must be paid in full before one is entitled to any membership privileges and to be considered a member in good standing of the Club.
Sec. 2 - The Executive Committee may reduce the amount of money due and/or set up a payment schedule for any member who requests this waiver and can demonstrate its need.
Sec. 3 - Members violating the Constitution, By-Laws, or any rules or regulations of the Park West Camera Club may be suspended by the Executive Committee for a period of time determined by the seriousness of the abuse. If any of the regulations governing members are broken, the offending member will be charged by the Executive Committee. The charged member may defend his/her position at the next Executive Committee meeting. If the charged member is dissatisfied with the decision of the Executive Committee, said member may appeal to the Club membership at the next regularly scheduled business meeting. Any decision overriding the Executive Committee must be passed by a two-thirds majority of those members voting, provided a quorum is present.


Sec. 1 - Park West Camera Club property may be borrowed for personal use only with the express permission of the Executive Committee. Any PWCC property removed from the premises for personal use is at the risk of the borrower.
Sec. 2 - Each member is financially responsible for any equipment borrowed and damaged or broken by him/her.
Sec. 3 - Questions regarding the abuse of Club equipment will be decided by the appropriate committee and/or the Executive Committee.
Sec. 4 - Prospective Club members and former Club members may attend four (4) Club meetings and/or activities during any Club year. After this they must join/rejoin the Club or they will be asked to leave.


Sec. 1 - Categories
There will be one (1) print and one (1) projected digital image competition each month. The following rules hold true independently for the print and projected digital image competitions.
Sec. 2 - Rules of Entry
  1. Up to four (4) entries taken by the member may be submitted each month. This may include up to two (2) prints and/or up to two (2) projected digital images. !
  2. All entries must have been totally made by the member, with the following exceptions: film need not be processed by the member; prints need not be mounted nor matted by the member; digital files from film need not be scanned by the member. The inclusion of clip art, web images, stock images, or the like are not permitted as part of an image unless they were created by the member.
  3. Print entries must be submitted to the Competition Committee at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled meeting time on the evening of the contest. Projected digital images must be submitted at least one (1) week prior to the scheduled competition. Submission shall be according to rules established by the Competition Committee.
  4. All entries must contain the name of the maker, a descriptive title for identification purposes, and an indication of how to present the photograph. In the case of prints, the top must be indicated on the rear of the mount. In the case of projected images the title must be in the following format: LastNameFirstInitial-MonthYear(ofCompetition)-DescriptiveTitle.jpg.
  5. Images submitted to any Club competition which do not meet the above Rules of Entry may be excluded from the competition by the Competition Committee at their discretion. Competition entries are submitted at the risk of the owner.
  6. Professional members of the Club may not enter competitions. A professional photographer is defined as one who makes his/her living, or major portion thereof, by taking and selling photographic negatives, prints, slides, or digital images.
Sec. 3 - Judging
Each competition shall be judged as follows:
  1. All entries will be viewed by the judge.
  2. Entries will be viewed a second time. The judge will critique each entry. The judge will grade each entry as "A," "B," or "C," according to merit.
  3. At any time the judge may re-grade any entry, moving it up or down.
  4. The judge may pick any number of entries from those graded "A" which he/she feels are truly outstanding and give them "Honors."
  5. From the "Honors," or from those graded "A," if there are no "Honors," the judge will pick a "Slide/Print/Projected Digital Image-of-the-Month."
Sec. 4 - Points are scored as follows: 12 points - "Print/Projected Digital Image-of-the-Month" 10 points - "Honors" 8 points - "A" 4 points - "B" 2 points - "C"
Sec. 5 - Reentry
  1. Only prints or projected digital images which failed to win an "A" may be re-entered in any subsequent monthly competition. Any image which to all intents and purposes duplicates a previously entered image shall be considered a reentry. Previously entered images may not be entered into one of the other competition categories in the same year.
  2. Any print or projected digital image re-entered into a monthly competition will receive 50% of the points as listed above in Sec. 4.
Sec. 6 - "Print/Projected Digital Image-of-the-Year"
  1. A year-end competition will be held in June, after the last monthly competition.
  2. Rules
    1. Each member may submit up to a total of eight (8) images. These may be prints and/or projected digital images as long as the total number of prints does not exceed four (4) and the total number of projected digital images does not exceed four (4).
    2. All entries must have been submitted in monthly competitions during the current Club season.
  3. Judging
    1. There will be three (3) judges, none of whom will have judged any monthly competition during the Club season.
    2. Each contest shall be judged as follows:
      1. all entries will be viewed by the judges.
      2. entries will be shown a second time and each judge will give, without the knowledge of the other judges, from one (1) to nine (9) points for each entry.
      3. point scores will be totaled, recorded and announced by the Competition Committee.
      4. the entry receiving the highest point total in each category (prints and projected digital images will be declared the winner. The four (4) entries with the next highest point totals will receive honorable mentions.
      5. in the event of any tie scores, only those entries which are tied will be rejudged. These rejudged scores will be used only to position those entries being rejudged among themselves. This rejudging process will continue until only one (1) clear winner and four (4) honorable mentions remain.


Sec. 1 - Once the Club's budget is approved at the May business meeting, Committee Chairs or their designee can spend up to their allocated budget for the year commencing the following September 1st.
Sec. 2 - Appropriations may be made at any regularly scheduled Club meeting, providing a quorum is present.
Sec. 3 - Approval of a reasonable amount of funds for monthly stationery, printing/mailing supplies, and postage will be automatic and need not be voted upon as each occasion arises. The Treasurer will report at each regular business meeting the amounts expended under this provision.
Adopted: October 1937
Revised: October 1980
Revised: April 2003
Revised: November 2012
Amended: May 2013

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