Use a pen and tablet instead of a mouse
WACOM brand
Pressure sensitive to control brush width and opacity
Opening Camera RAW
Adjust Temperature (blue-yellow)
Adjust Tint (green-magenta)
Exposure, contrast, etc.
Clarity gives that contrast y, ‘rough’ look - good for men’s faces, rocks, grass, landscapes, any thing with fine detail.
Plus women’s eyes and lips. NOT recommended for women’s skin.
Technique 1
Magic Wand
Hold down shift and click in various areas in background
Select inverse
Duplicate layer
Hit mask button (bottom of Layers palette, little circle in side rectangle
That mask is now a CHANNEL, which can be viewed on its own, and painted
That layer can also now be placed over a new background 
Solid green or blue is good for viewing and judging your silhouette
Technique 2
Select Color Range
Hold down shift and click around the background area
Makes a better selection, however will after get too much and will need to be adjusted with a brush

Painting with pen and tablet.
Brush Settings palette
Click on Shape Dynamics (Control should be Pen Pressure) This controls brush size
Click on Transform (Control should be Pen Pressure) This controls opacity
RubberStamp or Clone tool
Hold down option to sample
Release to paint
Sample from nearby area
Paint lightly with pen, or use opacity with mouse

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